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Frozen Rats | Susikurk savo ženkliuką


In some Asian countries, rats are eaten like chicken. Also, in parts of Afrika, the giant rat, cane rat and common house all grace the dining table and in fact are very popular.

Frozen Rats are treated as a larger version of mice. Giant, Large an Medium sizes are suitable for adult Pythons, Boa Constrictors and similar sized snakes plus large lizards.

Small Rat are suitable for adult/large juvenile Pythons, Boa Constrictors and similar sized snakes plus medium to large lizards.

Weaner rats are suitable for large juvenile Pythons, Boa Constrictors and similar sized snakes plus medium.

Hairless rats have a strange appearance and special needs that are slightly different from the averaged furred pet rat. Hairless rats are bred from Rex rats, one of many rat breeds. Rex rats, which have a coat that's curlier and coarser than an average fancy rat, have one copy of the Rex gene. When a rat gets two copies of the Rex gene, he is born hairless. Hairless rats are sometimes referred to as " Double  Rex" rats, a reference to the two copies of the Rex gene. Unlike many other "hairless" animals, hairless rats are almost completely bald. Most will have some fine, sparse fur near the nose, around the ankles, and on the tail, but otherwise, they're all skin. This hairless attribute means that hairless rats have specialized care requirments, different furred rats.

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